Husband by Arrangement

After Rena Livingston’s secret fiancé leaves her pregnant and unwed, her mayor father insists upon a marriage of convenience to Sheriff Scott Braden. Though his motivations are as much about protecting his political career as her reputation, Rena is grateful the standoffish sheriff agrees to the arrangement. At least her child will grow up without the burden of her shame…
Scott believed his one chance at love fled with his ex-fiancée, but caring for Rena and her unborn baby exposes a vulnerability he vowed he’d never allow again. When the upcoming election stirs nasty gossip, though, Scott must choose between his commitment to the town and his growing love for Rena and the baby.

Bartering for a Bride

When Benjamin rescues Amelia from marrying his boss, she becomes a mail-order bride without a groom or means of support. Benjamin had no choice but to protect Amelia and her child from the violent man who fired him on the spot. With no job and limited means, he has no hope of acquiring a bride or homestead.
Amelia’s son had no doubt that Benjamin would be his father from the first time they met. But with Benjamin and Amelia both low on funds, they are all homeless. Is God responsible for bringing together three souls in need? Can they do the work necessary to prove the homestead and their new family?
Can a boy’s trust help two wounded hearts heal and learn to believe in love?

The Rightful Heir

Arriving in Texas, cowboy Jared Ivy discovers the grandfather he hardly remembers has passed away…and an unknown woman has claimed ownership of his family's newspaper. Jared has the will that proves he's the owner—but the sheriff refuses to enforce it. Instead, Jared must work with Mary Lou Ellison until a judge comes to town and rules in favor of the rightful heir.
Intrepid reporter Mary Lou has already lost her father figure. And she won't lose the Pine Haven Record—the legacy he left her—without a fight. But when she and Jared stop sparring long enough to investigate a story together, they become a force to be reckoned with. Will they let their battle over the Record get in the way of something even more newsworthy: true love?

Mail Order Groom

Albert Franks is a lawyer who finds himself without a place to practice law when his godly ethics go against the wishes of his former boss. Cora Nelson has inherited Nelson Ranch with one condition. She writes to offer Bert a position on the ranch to preserve her ownership. He arrives to practice law only to discover that her offer was for marriage. The financial success of the ranch and the entire town of River Bend rely on his acceptance.
Albert and Cora soon discover that when they pray, sometimes God’s answers aren’t what they expect.

The Doctor's Lady Rancher

A lady rancher who gave up everything to help her family, and the town doctor who gave up the family ranch to practice medicine, agree to court in an attempt to stop the matchmaking efforts of her father and the town ladies.
Jasmine Warren’s pursuit of work on a ranch puts her at odds with Evan Willis. The last thing he wants in his life is a lady rancher whose hunger for power consumes her. They build an unlikely, and unexpected, friendship through their courtship of convenience. Will they be able to put their differences aside and see God’s hand in their circumstances? Maybe even His will?

The Marriage Bargain

Following a broken engagement, Lily Warren moved to Pine Haven, Texas, to open Lily’s Millinery and Finery and establish her independence. She refuses to lose herself while caring for others ever again. When a little girl with an absent mother sneaks her way into Lily’s heart, can she refuse a proposal of marriage for the sake of the child?
Edward Stone replaced any yearning for love with a mistrust of women years ago, but the niece in his care needs a mother. Unable to locate his sister, he knows the girl’s future is in his hands. Can he convince his tenant that his offer of marriage is for the child and keep his wakening heart from loving a wife who insists she doesn’t need him?

Safe in a Stranger's Heart

Mail order bride and recent widow from a loveless marriage, Ruby Humphreys, doesn’t know what to expect when she steps from the stagecoach in River Bend, Texas. She is stunned to find herself at the funeral for Jason Winters’ mother as soon as she arrives. His mother was the reason Jason had asked her to come. Jason knows it wouldn’t be fair to marry Ruby now, but his noble character won’t let him rescind his offer when she admits she has no place to go. They agree to a marriage based on friendship but soon find themselves building a home filled with laughter and the hope of a blossoming love. Will a secret from her past destroy their newfound love?

Conveniently Wed

When Daisy Mosley’s husband is killed by horse thieves, leaving her to raise eight-year-old twin boys alone in Texas, she must marry Tucker Barlow, a close friend from her youth, or risk losing her farm.
Daisy’s pain at the death of her husband, and fear for safety when the horse thieves aren’t caught, wars with her appreciation for Tucker’s friendship and sacrifice to help her survive her loss.
Marrying ends his loneliness, but Tucker’s past rejections taught him that no one truly loves again after they lose their first love, so he keeps his heart locked away while he rebuilds his friendship with Daisy.

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